I try to locate my paintings on that razor thin line between representation and abstraction in order to create something new that is born from both.   I work this area because I feel I can find glimmers of how a painting can be conceptual and physical at the same time - similar to how we all feel in our own bodies looking out at the world.  

It dawned on me recently that I have been and for decades now, painting forms resting on each other and touching in some way.  Despite the many evolutions my work has gone through there are always these forms (sometimes indescribable,  sometimes not)  connecting, reaching, touching.   I have always wanted to make convincing, tangible and grounded paintings that also function in a metaphysical sense.   I think these ‘touching shapes’  have all along been inroads leading me there.  None of this of course has been planned as I work intuitively giving conceptual and felt ideas equal sway.
Fundamentally though this is how I approach painting.  It’s not that I am painting a landscape, a portrait, a still life or more recently an animal.... It’s that I know I am a mixture of all of these and the reason for painting is to try to find out a little bit more about that.